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Martinez - In or Out?

Posted by 1878 on January 4, 2016 at 3:25 PM

So. The ultimate question. Martinez, in or out? As a fan, I have one answer myself. However as a 'writer', I'm going to try and deliver a non-biased discussion of whether or not sacking Roberto is a good choice.

Over the past few weeks, Martinez has been called every name under the sun, you name it. But it is hard to differentiate whether this is a serious concern, or once again our famoulsy fickle fans picking a scapegoat for our defensive frailty. You can't help wonder if this is the beginning of the end.

We certainly hold more of an attacking threat than the nightmare of last season, with the addition of Deulofeu, and Lukaku and Barkley finding form.We play very attractive attacking football at times, which looks pretty, but can sometimes leave us open and vunerable on the counter attack. 

Our fragility at the back is what is costing us, it seems. We were blinded in two high scoring wins, and it shielded us from the fact our defense is, in fact, pretty shite. We even conceded two goals to a woeful Sunderland side.

Whilst Funes Mori can sometimes look like a class little player, he is prone to mistakes, and sometimes I worry that the inexperience of Stones is not helping him. With a relatively young back line at times, maybe inexperience is the problem. Perhaps the absence of captain Phil Jagielka is the experience and leadership we are missing at the back. However, even with Jags, at times we still looked shaky and uncertain.

Maybe its the lack of trust in TIm Howard, as the defence certainly seemed reluctant to pass back to Tim against Spurs on Sunday. Or maybe it is as simple as the fact Bobby doesnt have a clue at how to get his team to defend, and irritatingly won't practive defending set pieces in training. This seems to one of the most dominant factors that is causing unrest amoungst fans. Our defensive performance was more convincing against Spurs on sunday though.

Another fume enraged problem is the stubborness to play players such as Tim Howard and Arouna Kone every week, when we have players with much more quality and deserve their place in the starting 11. Mirallas and Joel come to mind.

The way I see it,  there are 2 options.

Option 1 - Sack him now.

As a fan, this is my preferred option, even though the 'Martinez Out' shouts have been cooled for a bit after the draw to spurs, I still believe this is best option. I fear we will fall back down into mid-table again if we continue with this manager. And with that, all our best players will want to leave (Lukaku, Stones, Barkley etc).

With this option comes some problmes, such as, who would be his replacement? For me, Frank De Boer. A proven manager of quality at Ajax, and has expressed his interest at managing in the premier league. For me this would be the perfect replacement. There are more possible replacements, however not too many of the quality we would need.

Another hurdle with this option is that Martinez pretty much has tenure at his position. No matter where we finish this season, the nonces of the board don't have the balls to sack him, even if it means jeopardising the status and reputation of our club.

Option 2 - Stick with him.

After all, this is our biggest chance to win silverware in recent years. Maybe if Martinez can get past his stubborness, admit he was wrong, he will make the nescessary changes.

All this negativity and complaining isn't going to change much. But it does get me worried. If we don't start to progress we are going to get dragged into mid-table and we will fall behind. We will no longer be Everton, fighting for top 4. We will be Everton, nothing special. Mediocre. Average.

This was more a bit of rant if I'm honest, but I felt like I needed to get it all out of my system, so maybe I can enjoy the game on Wednesday and not have my week ruined. I hope you've enjoyed this, whatever the hell it was. Its's just an opinion from a fan, like us all, who feels change is needed.

That's it from me.

- Harry Hayes

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