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Welcome to Everton FC, Ronald Koeman!

Posted by 1878 on June 14, 2016 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (39)


Roberto Martinez has been Sacked

Posted by 1878 on May 12, 2016 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It was a long-time coming, but Roberto Martinez has left Everton Football Club.

Yes, that's right. Roberto Martinez has been sacked by Everton Football Club on Thursday 12th May 2016, announced at 4:21pm.

This was basically guarenteed to happen, due to the poor performances for the past two seasons, and I think it's justified. I 100% think this is the best thing for the club.

The club released a statement after initially announcing the sacking:

Due to the sacking, the club have also postponed their End of Season Awards, which was meant to be tonight held at St. George's Hall:

Now, who's going to take over?

The most probable manager to take over from Martinez is Frank De Boer. Both his agent and his brother has said he's very interested in managing the club, after leaving Ajax this week.

Other options include Ronald Koeman, Manuel Pellegrini, and possibly Jose Mourinho.

-Rhys Jones

Everton v Bournemouth Protest Details

Posted by 1878 on April 26, 2016 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a quick blog to spread the details for the protests organised by Everton Aren't We, which don't include tennis balls, which is what Twitter suggested.

I am literally posting the exact same words from their website but if you'd like to view it there then here you go - https://www.evertonarentwe.com/2016/04/26/bournemouth-protest-details-martinez/

If you'd prefer to read the exact same thing but shortened and with a blue background, I created a graphic with the information on.

Anyway, if you're going to the Bournemouth game and want a change, please take part to show what we want.

-Rhys Jones

Roberto Martinez Meets a Fan

Posted by 1878 on April 12, 2016 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Roberto Martinez met a fan yesterday night during an U21s game. Here's exactly what happened.

Last night, Everton U21s faced Chelsea U21s, and won 2-0. Get in! But that wasn't the main event at the game.

The Everton manager, Roberto Martinez; the Everton assistant manager, Graeme Jones; and the Everton head coach, Duncan Ferguson were present at this U21s game, and a lucky fan managed to have a chat with Mr. Martinez himself.

@Kingy_efc on Twitter posted a photo of the fan and Roberto Martinez having a conversation, with the caption: 'Some lad give Roberto shit before at the U21 game at southport tonight, time to go?'

Many fans speculated about what Laurie said to the manager, and according to a Twitter user by the name of @Deulxfeu, the fan said this through a private message to a friend:

Which then later extended to this message (I am unsure who originally posted this image):

So, the speculation continued, with the fan not even being identified. Well, I managed to find out who this fan was, and I found his Twitter. I had a conversation with this fan. He allowed me to post this information he has told be, but to keep him unnamed.

He is a sound lad - I'm saying that right from the start. We had a conversation about what went on and he willingly accepted to give me some information on the incident and explain what happened between him and the manager so I could let the public know what went on, and let the truth out.

So, What Actually Happened Then?

He explained everything to me - from the start to the finish. He gave me all the things he said to Martinez, and all the responses he got. I'll explain what happened now...  

He started his conversation with Martinez by telling the manager, in his own words, "what everyone says about him."

He told Martinez, "You've lost everyone. Nobody likes you anymore. The fans are against you - even the staff are." He continued, "You're sitting on your own. Sort your head out. We're fourteenth in the league with a good side."

As you can tell, he certainly didn't hold back.

The fan told me Martinez responded with, "I made that side though and we're in the FA Cup semi-final. You Everton fans won't be on my back when I win you the trophy, will you?"

I don't know about you, but Martinez seems to be way too cocky in his response for my liking, with the season he's having.

The fan replied, "Yeah we will because, if anything, the club is going backwards."

He said he asked Martinez about the situation with Leighton Baines.

He explained the manager tried to blank him. Eventually though, Martinez just said, "That is irrelevant."

The fan didn't hold back and explained to the Everton boss, "You're a shithouse. Barry has said something - where is his apology? Lukaku has said he wants to leave - where's his apology?"

The fan then explained he also asked Martinez about the banners at the Watford game.

The managers response was, "Yes, I saw them. The fans should get behind the players, not against them in that manner."

The fan brutally asked, "What the fuck do the players have to do with a banner with 'Martinez Out' on?"

He says Roberto Martinez blanked him, but mentioned, "Wait until the end of the season, then judge me," just before being pulled away by Graeme Jones.

The fan told me that was all between him and Martinez but Duncan Ferguson spoke with the fan just before the second half of the match.

Ferguson said to him, "I am not happy with it - it's painful to watch."

The fan also explained to me that Ferguson joked with him, suggesting he asks Martinez for his season ticket money back, and "see what he says." Duncan Ferguson then started laughing.

That is all the fan told me. That is his story from start to finish.

I feel very privileged to have spoken to this fan personally to get this information, and thankfully putting the rumours and speculation to rest.

People might say this is fake or that it didn't happen. Believe what you will, but I think this is the truth. I 100% believe everything this fan has said to me, and I think this is all legitimate.

It will be interesting to hear what Roberto Martinez will say on this matter - if he will even mention it.

I'd like to say thank you to the fan for giving me an insight into what happened in this incident between him and the manager. He is a top lad.

I plead you to share this around. Tweet this out. This is an exclusive explanation from the man himself, so this needs to get out there. Let the fan share what happened.

Cheers for reading.

-Rhys Jones

Who Will be the Next Everton Manager?

Posted by 1878 on April 10, 2016 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Roberto Martinez seems very likely to either be sacked or resign from the manager role at Everton, but who will replace him?

I'm going to through a few options we have to replace Roberto Martinez as he will more than likely leave at the end of the season.

Frank De Boer

Frank De Boer, despite sharing a Twitter account with his twin brother Ronald, is a very good manager. The Dutch manager has been successful in his managerial career, being the: Ajax youth coach, the Netherlands assistant manager, and now currently the Ajax first team manager. De Boer has won the Eredivisie four times with Ajax, and came runner-up in the 2010 FIFA World Cup with Netherlands. The record of De Boer is very impressive, with 258 matches managed, 156 of them won, 55 drawn and 47 lost. He has a win percentage of 60.5% (as of 9th April 2016), which is quality and is a very interesting candidate for the next blues boss.

Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman, the current Southampton manager, has had a fairly successful managerial career, with quite a few clubs. He has managed: the Netherlands as the assistant manager, Barcelona as the assistand manager, Vitesse, Ajax, Benfica, PSV Eindhoven, Valencia, AZ, Feyenoord, and now Southampton. Koeman has won the Eredivisie twice and the KNVB Cup with Ajax, the Eredivisie with PSV Eindhoven, and the Copa del Rey with Valencia. The managerial record for Koeman is pretty good, having managed exactly 600 matches, with 328 wins, 125 draws, and 147 losses. The win percentage for his managerial career is 54.67% (as of 9th April 2016), showing he has won just over half the matches he has managed.

Unai Emery

Unai Emery is the current manager of Sevilla. He has previously managed Lorca Deportiva, Almeria, Valencia, Spartak Moscow, and now Sevilla. Emery has mostly managed in Spain, but you would think that Emery would like to manage in a more challenging league, like the English Premier League. Emery's only major winnings as a manager is the UEFA Europa League twice with Sevilla. Emery's managerial record is fairly okay. His record is 593 matches, 296 wins, 137 draws, and 160 losses (as of 7th April 2016). His win percentage is 49.92%, which is just 0.08% under half of his matches won.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, or as he likes to call himself - "The Special One", is a hugely admired manager. The success of Mourinho is huge, despite him not being a long-term manager, as he usually leaves a club in 2-3 seasons. Mourinho is currently unemployed, and looking to get back to management in the Summer. The Portugese manager has previously managed Benfica, Uniao de Leiria, Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and most recently he managed Chelsea for the second time. Mourinho has won loads of trophies, including the Premeira Liga twice and the UEFA Champions League with Porto, the Barclays Premier League three times, the FA Cup, and the Football League Cup three times with Chelsea, the Serie A twice with Inter Milan and the La Liga and the Copa del Rey with Real Madrid. The extremely impressive managerial record of Mourinho is 765 matches, 505 wins, 154 draws, and 106 losses. His win percentage is 66.01%, which is really good. The likelyhood of Mourinho joining the toffees is very slim, as he is reported to join Manchester United at the end of the season, but there is a possibility that he'd be up for a new challenge with Everton.

Marcelo Bielsa

Marcelo Bielsa has only recently been linked with the toffees as we've reportedly contacted him about being Martinez's successor. The Argentinian is currently unemployed but has previously managed Newell's Old Boys, Atlas, Club America, Velez Sarsfield, Espanyol, Argentina, Chile, Athletico Bilbao and Marseille. Despite not winning anything, he is talked quite highly of, and is quite respected. His managerial record is 282 matches, 137 wins, 65 draws, and 80 losses. His win percentage is 48.58%.

Hopefully this gave an insight on our options for our next manager.

Cheers for reading.

-Rhys Jones

Our Manager, Roberto Martinez

Posted by 1878 on April 3, 2016 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (1)

You know that moron that manages our club? Yeah, he has to go.

I haven't done a blog post in ages, so I apologise for that, but I thought I have to address this as I don't think we've brought it up enough on our blog. We mention it more over on our Twitter.

Anyway,  the fool that manages Everton Football Club must leave. I don't care whether he's sacked or leaves on his own accord, just get him gone. For those who don't know who the baffoon at the managerial position is (I'd be supried if you didn't); it is Roberto Martinez.

A Summary Roberto Martinez's Everton History

Now, Mr. Martinez joined Everton back in the 2013/14 season, after David Moyes sadly left to manage Manchester United.

We were unsure if he was the right successor to Moyes, but immediately we gained hope about the future with Roberto, as Bill Kenwright claimed, "Almost his first words to me were: I'll get you in the Champion's League."

The joy we had when we heard that! Bobby then brought in class players, such as Romelu Lukaku and Gerard Deulofeu, on loan, then went on to have a very successful season, gaining 5th place in the Premier League, securing Europa League football the following season. It wasn't Champion's League, but hell, we were on the rise. We had got into Europe, flying high with the "big" clubs!

The following season, the 2014/15 season, was where it started going downhill for Everton and their manager. We bought a few new players, including Romleu Lukaku on a permanent deal, but lost Gerard Deulofeu, who was a great player for us in the previous season, as he went on loan to Sevilla.

Despite Geri leaving, we wanted a successful season and wanted to hopefully qualify for the Champion's League, like Martinez promised. Let's be honest, it didn't go down like that, did it? We were knocked out the Europa League in the quarter-finals, and we got to 11th in the league... Considering our aim was a top 4 spot, we did extremely poorly.

Well, this season, the 2015/16 season, has been, to put it bluntly, absolutely awful. Dreadful. Martinez's worst season with the toffees yet. The season started and we thought we could bounce back from last season and try once more to get that exciting Champion's League quaification. Well, let me explain how this season has been Martinez's worst season at Everton.

We started the season with an ambitious mind; we wanted to get somewhere, wanted to challenge the top 4. First few games were okay, working our way through results, almost comfortably in the top 7/8 of the table. The league was so tight to begin with so we always had a chance of getting at least top 5 easily.

We looked relatively strong with Lukaku, Deulofeu and Barkley working together and managing to get Lukaku as one of the top 3 league scorers. New signings Ramiro Funes Mori and Aaron Lennon were performing well. It was all grand for the first few bits of the season.

Picking Favourites

However, come towards the middle of the season, Tim Howard began under-performing, along with John Stones. Everton fans thought, "fair enough, they're out-of-form, the manager will swap the team around for a few games so our top players can have a bit of a rest - Martinez is not an idiot." Well, how wrong were we!?

Roberto seemed to be picking the players he prefered, picking favourites, over the players in-form. Tim Howard, dubbed "Starjump Nonce" for a while, wasn't moved from the starting position, despite Everton's number two, Joel Robles, performing superbly in the Capital One Cup.

Joel continued his form in the cup until he was eventually put into the starting lineup, (and has been there ever since) but fans were more relieved that they had a goalkeeper with a better ability in goal, rather than being thankful towards Roberto for changing the lineup as it was a long overdue change that had to be made.

Being Knocked out of the Capital One Cup

Speaking of the Capital One Cup, Roberto Martinez also managed to piss the fans off in this competition, not just the league. The semi-finals against Manchester City. A great chance for Everton to gain some silverware after 21 years. The first leg was perfect - a comfortable 2-1 win, fantastic.

The second leg however, didn't have the same glory.We lost 3-1 to quickly explain it, meaning the aggregate score was 4-3 to Manchester City, and we came tumbling out of the cup. Many fans would defend Martinez in this situation though, explaining the referee decisions were appauling, which I'd agree with - but that doesn't mean that Roberto didn't have a part to play. For some reason, Martinez has no ability to hold a lead, in both the league and the cup. Bad tactical decisions and substitutions? Most likely.

Martinez's Substitutions

Actually, whilst we're on it, I'll go in-depth about his substitutions, mainly because it's fresh in my mind after the poor subs Martinez made in the Manchester United game earlier today.


  • Firstly - for some strange reason, Martinez feels that he can only make two substitutions in a match. Near enough every game, he only makes two substitutions, which is STUPID considfering that most of the time we need to make three substitutions to have a chance in winning the game. Players can get tired or play badly; Roberto should use the three subs that he has available.

  • Another thing - Martinez rarely makes subs before the 75-80th minute. He obviously doesn't realise that substitutes are available to use anytime in the game, so USE THEM BEFORE THE GAME IS PRACTICALLY OVER! Although we can't actually say that considering how late on we score and concede goals, which I will explain more later on.

  • One last thing I will mention on the substitutes front - He doesn't use the players he has on the bench. For example, Martinez brought in Oumar Niasse, a striker who cost us £13.5 million, who we'd thought would be a helping-hand to Romelu Lukaku. Instead, Roberto feels Niasse is only useful as a bench-warmer, who occasionally will be brought on for the last 5 minutes of the game. We paid quite a bit of money for this player, and he's not being used. Gerard Deulofeu, a player who was working with Rom and Barkley to get goals and win games, has recently felt a spell on the bench for the toffees, due to Aaron Lennon's good form, which is fair enough. BUT ROBERTO MARTINEZ DOESN'T EVEN BRING HIM ON! Geri is arguably one of our best players - he's skillful, quick, and can supply Rom so he can score, but Deulofeu isn't even being used anymore. Lennon will get tired throughout the game, so bring on the fresh legs of Geri to spice things up a bit. Admittedly, the Spanish winger started the recent Manchester United game, but was taken off for Kevin Mirallas quite early into the second half, despite being one of our best players on the pitch... Bloody Hell...

 Why is he a Bad Manager?

There are many different reasons why Roberto is a bad manager. Certain scenarios in Martinez's game which he can't handle and which are probably the MAIN reasons we're, basically, crap. He is unable to tactically sort them out. I'll explain a few right now.

  • The First Scenario: Coming Back From Losing - Let's go back to the Arsenal game to have an example, when we were 0-2 down at half-time. We're losing, so any normal human being would decide to bring on more attacking players to get a goal back to make it at least 1-2, maybe even 2-2 - or if we were lucky 3-2! So, What does Martinez do? Brings on John Stones, a defender. What!? When you want to come back from losing a game, you don't bring on a defender, you bring on an attacker to get the goals. Like I said earlier, Martinez's substitutions are horrendously bad and extremely confusing.

  • The Second Scenario: Holding Onto a Lead - Alright, we're going a few of months back for this example, back to the second Chelsea game in the league, which ended 3-3. The first half ended 0-0, but we were 0-2 up in 60 minutes. Just 10 minutes later, it was 2-2. Then we managed to score in the 90th minute, the final minute of the game. It was 2-3, surely we've won, but no, in the 8th minute of added time, Chelsea get one back and it finishes a draw. This has happened WAY too much this season to be unlucky. There is 100% something wrong with the tactics the manager uses late on in the game.

  • The Third Scenario: Defending - Defending, just in general, is quite a struggle for Martinez, which is discouraging, considering defending has a MAJOR part to play in not conceding goals. Roberto can not manage to get his defenders to work properly. They make too many mistakes and let too many goals in. Whether that's his fault or the defending coach's, it has to be sorted out. We have the ability to score lots, but we concede lots too.

They're the main parts to Roberto's faulty management. There's probably more but they're the few I can think of at the moment. 

Youth Development

Despite me just hammering down on Roberto with critisism, I can accept that if there's one thing he's good at, it's developing young talent.

Martinez has lots of talent in Everton's academy and he has brought players like Ross Barkley and John Stones into the first team as young, English talents. He has also brought in young players, such as: Romelu Lukaku and Gerard Deulofeu.

Our young talents are adored by other clubs. You always hear stories about the clubs after Ross Barkley, John Stones and the rest of the young first team squad at Everton.

But the players who aren't always noticed, despite still being upcoming talents, are the players in the Everton U21s, U18s, etc. Harry has done a blog post on a few of the young prospects a couple of months ago - Have a gander here.


Now, I'm not going to lie to you - This isn't it. I could continue to go on about Martinez's flaws, writing for hours on end, even conquering outside of the football, with that video of Roberto dancing to Jason Derulo, or the most recent decision of having these photos promote Chang Beer and Everton... (Probably wasn't Roberto's idea, but it's still embarrising for the club)

Why is that even a thing...

Anyway, to conclude Roberto Martinez needs to go. Simple as that. Not good enough for our club. We currently sit in 12th in the Premier League with a manager who started his managerial career with Everton claiming "I'll get you in the Champion's League," and managed to get us to Europa League and a Capital One Cup semi final in the two years at the club.

Still think our manager is the right man for the job? Well, to finish, I'm going to show you statistics I found, as we all know stats don't lie, and posted on our Twitter about the Spaniard who manages the club. This is his Premier League (from both Wigan Athletic and Everton) record, and it's not pretty.

(Please don't nab the graphic!! Too many people have nabbed it and posted it on their Twitter pages. The original is on our Twitter.)

Are you convinced yet? If you're not, I'm suprised, but send our Twitter (@1878Blog) a tweet explaining why you think Roberto Martinez can manage our club.

Anyway, cheers for reading this blog post, unless you scrolled all the way through it until the end. In which case, no cheers for reading... (is that correct...?)

Sorry it was so long. It's probably the longest thing I've typed in one sitting in my ENTIRE life, let alone just on this blog!

Like I said, give us your thoughts about this situation on our Twitter, and we'll try to be more consistent with the blog posts.

-Rhys Jones

Transfer Rumours Round Up - 23rd March 2016

Posted by 1878 on March 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This weeks round up of the most interesting and popular transfer rumours. Enjoy! It involves a host of young centre backs.

Pep to Target Stones

As you are probably aware, Pep Guardiola is set to take over from Pelegrini at City in the summer. One of his first targets, is said to be our young english man John Stones (amount of times we've heard this though). He is said to be one of 4 players he is targeting, including the likes of Pogba, Kroos and Laporte. Despite Stones' recent drop in form, there is no doubt that he is a class player, and could potentially develop into a world class ball playing centre half.

Blues Scouting Sam Roscoe

Not the most exciting one this one, but its been a bit quiet recently. The 17 year old stands at a massive 6 foot 5, and plays as a centre back for Blackpool. We will face competition from Championship and League one sides (come on Farhad, get out the cheque book!). In all fairness however, the youngster looks promising. and could be worth a small gamble.

Everton to Battle with Liverpool for French Starlet

Everton are said to be battling with the shite, for the signature of Presnel Kimpembe. The young french centre back (another one), has broken into PSG's first team this season, but obviosly appearances have been limited, due to the quality of players at PSG. Both Merseyside clubs are thought to be big admirers of the France U21 international. However, the future of the player depends on the manager, Laurent Blanc, willingness to sell.

- Harry Hayes

Farhad Moshiri buys Half of Everton

Posted by 1878 on February 27, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Everton Football Club has a new investor. Yes, you read that correct.

Farhad Moshiri has bought a part of Everton earlier this afternoon. Yes, after over a decade of searching, Bill Kenwright has got an investor.

Morshiri is an Iranian billionaire businessman, to put it simply. He previously had shares in Arsenal, but sold his shares to Alisher Usmanov on Friday. According to Forbes, he is worth £1.3 billion and is the 894th richest man in the world.

On Saturday, it was confirmed that he had bought a 49.9% stake in Everton, with Bill Kenwright and Jon Woods owning the other 50.1%. Robert Earl sold his stake in the club as part of Moshiri coming in.

Reports were saying two American businessmen, John Jay Moores and Charles Noell were looking at buying Everton, but Moshiri has come our of the blue and swooped up half the club.

The 60-year-old is now the largest shareholder in Everton Football Club, and promises to bring investment and is hopeful for success.

The deal is said to be around £200 million initially, with more investment from Moshiri over time.

Bill Kenwright has said, “After an exhaustive search I believe we have found the perfect partner to take the Club forward. I have got to know Farhad well over the last 18 months and his football knowledge, financial wherewithal and True Blue spirit have convinced me that he is the right man to support Everton.”

Moshiri commented, “I am delighted to take this opportunity to become a shareholder in Everton, with its rich heritage as one of Europe's leading football clubs. There has never been a more level playing field in the Premier League than now. Bill Kenwright has taught me what it means to be an Evertonian and I look forward with excitement to working with him to help deliver success for Everton in the future.”

So - a quick recap of everything that's happened:


  • Farhad Moshiri buys a stake in Everton Football Club and promises investment.
  • Moshiri owns 49.9% of Everton. Bill Kenwright and Jon Woods own the other 50.1% between them.
  • Robert Earl sells his stake in Everton as part of Moshiri deal.
  • Bill Kenwright will continue as Chairman, Jon Woods will continue as Deputy Chairman and Robert Elstone will continue as CEO.

Hopefully this is the step in the right direction for Everton and the long search for investment. The money Moshiri brings in should hopefully give us funds for improvements to Goodison (or a new stadium all together) and money to improve our squad.

Cheers for reading.

-Rhys Jones


Everton: Some of our Biggest Prospects

Posted by 1878 on February 25, 2016 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Being an Evertonian is somehow depressing but cheerful at the moment. We've got bags of cash, but a tactically inept manager. Anyway, I thought I'd shift your attention over onto a lighter sunject. One thing we are good at, is producing quality young players and prospects, so I thought I'd shed some light on some of our biggest prospects.

We all know that, despite our league position, we have a group of very talented players in our squad. From the world beaters like Lukaku, to those nippy little underrated players, like Mo Besic, and Gareth Barry. But sometimes what can be forgotten, is the age of a lot of our first team players.

Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley only stand at 22, which goes over most peoples head because of their maturity. Gerard Deulofeu, John Stones both are 21/22, and Brendan Galloway is only 19. However, depsite these extremely young players, we still have a lot of young talent sitting in the reserves. In this piece I am going to bring to light some of this talent, and hopefully you will learn more about our players bursting with potential.

Kieran Dowell

Full name: Kieran O'Neill Dowell

Age: 18

Team Number: 51

Profile: Kieran joined the Everton ranks as young as 7, when he joined Evertons academy. Having made signficant progress in the Under 21's in 2014/15, he was handed a chance in our Europa League game vs Krasnodar, having already safely come top of our group. He replaced Christian Atsu on 6 minutes, as the blues lost 1-0. It was looking likely that Kieran Dowell would be breaking into the first team in 2015/16, after having a strong pre-season in the first team. However, before the new season, he picked up an injury that required surgery, which stunted his development for a few months. However, he now looks back and ready to have some kind of role in the first team. He scpred two great goals for the reserves recently, under Robertos watchful eye, who insists that Dowell has a role/will have a role in the 1st team very soon.

Matty Foulds

Full Name: Matthew Collin Foulds

Age: Aged 18

Team Number: N/A

We seem to have a hobby of buying lower league young defensive prospects. Foulds signed from Bury for an undisclosed fee, on January the 2nd 2016. He has recently featured on the U21s, and seems to be holding his own. He is a left footed centre back, who is said to read the game well. Martinez has set out a two-year plan to get Foulds into the Everton first-team. Here are some of his comments;

"Matty is a really exciting prospect because he is a left-footed centre-half with a real margin of development,” Martinez told the Liverpool Echo.


“His technical ability will allow him to be a footballing centre-half and he’s had a really interesting 12 months in the first-team at Bury, without playing many games in the competitive league.


“But we feel he has all the attributes to become a quite interesting player to fit in that elite group that we have in the under-21s.


“He is only 17 and is younger than any of the players we have brought into that system but we feel that with a good two-year programme he could become someone really interesting,”.

Liam Walsh

Full name: Liam Walsh

Age: 18

Team Number: 52

Liam Walsh playd in the central midfield role, and can pose a threat from set pieces and has decent passing. He joined the academy at 5 and in January 2016, joined Yeovil Town on a initial one month loan, which has since been extended. He has delivered a number of Man of the Match perfomances for the League 2 team, and at such a young age is extremely impressive. Keep your eyes peeled on this one, as he you may be hearing his name much more often soon enough.

Nathan Broadhead

Full Name: Nathan Broadhead

Age: 17

Team Number: N/A

The teenage Winger Nathan Broadhead has scored 14 goals for Blues' U18s this season, and can play also anywhere a long the front line. Many members of the academy staff believe the youngster could go all the way. His technical aspects of his game are unparalleled. He is two footed, and has been compared with a similar play style as David Silva. He signed his first professional contract this season, and the next two years will be crucial in his development. Good luck, Nathan.

- Harry Hayes

How will Everton Progress?

Posted by 1878 on February 13, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Let's be honest, Everton Football Club have not been their best for the past year-or-so.

Everton had a quality season in Roberto Martinez's first season at Goodison, finishing 5th in the league and qualifying for the Europa League, but since then the blues can't find the magic they had in the 2013/14 season.

The 2014/15 season finished with Everton in 11th place, and dissappointingly only reaching the Europa League Round of 16 after losing 6-4 to Dinamo Kyiv on aggregate despite being 2-1 up in the first leg.

This season, the 2015/16 season, is still not where Everton should be, given the quality of the team the blues have. Everton started strong in the season, but dropped form and eventually got knocked out of the Capital One Cup in the semi-finals against Manchester City, losing 4-3 on aggregate after being 2-1 up in the first leg. Everton have recently won a few games, but lost their last game against West Brom today, 1-0, despite being dominant throughout the game. They are currently 10th in the league.

So, I'm sure you can agree that Everton are under-achieving. The squad Martinez has built is a fantastic team, with many Champion's League-quality players, who are all very young and skillful. We are extremely lucky to have players like Romelu Lukaku, Ross Barkley, Gerard Deulofeu and John Stones at the club, considering the huge interest from huge clubs, who are in the Champion's League every year.

What is the reason for us not doing as well as we should? It's all well-and-good telling you that we're doing poorly, but what is causing this? There's a few points I can think of that is stopping Roberto Martinez from achieving his top 4 dream.

1. The Boss Himself

Many Everton fans are very fickle. After a game that the blues lose, you will see many fans tweet things like, 'Martinez is the worst manager in the world #MartinezOUT' but will support Roberto Martinez when we win. This sparks the question, 'Is Roberto Martinez the right manager for Everton Football Club?' Leading to many Everton pages, including ourselves, to post Twitter polls discussing the topic.

I take the piss out of our fans who don't support Martinez all the time, but I actually think the fans have a right to be concerned. The boss has played some questionable lineups throughout this season, starting players who have been out-of-form (mainly Tim Howard). Roberto may have to be looked at properly to see if he actually has what it takes to replicate his 2013/14 season and bring European football to Goodison, like he said he would.

2. Out-of-Form Players

This is relating to the first point, to a certain extent, as Martinez decides the squad we play on the pitch, but players like Tim Howard who aren't up for a starting spot every week are partially to blame for the club's decrease in form over the past year-or-so. Tim Howard and Arouna Kone are the main culprits for not being the best. Kone had a good start to his 2015/16 campaign, scoring a hat-trick against Sunderland early on in the season, but slowly decreased in form over the past few months. Admittedly, the golden-haired Ivorian isn't playing as much as he was earlier in the season, thanks to Martinez. Howard, on the other hand, has been playing especially poor. The American 36-year-old has been Everton's number one for near-enough 10 years now, but has hugely decreased in form over the past two seasons. Howard has started to recieve hate from fans over social media and in games, which makes him retaliate. When fans ironically cheered in the first game against Stoke this season (we lost 4-3 but let's forget that), he reacted by sarcastically clapping the fans. Tim and the fans don't get along anymore, with the fans happy to publically show this by tweeting Everton 'drop Howard' at every opportunity.

Howard has been linked with a move to the MLS with Colorado Rapids, but according to Martinez, Everton have had no contact from the MLS about a move for Tim Howard. Despite this, Martinez hints that Howard could be off, saying ''It’s important that Tim doesn’t feel that all his good work has been forgotten.' This may suggest that Martinez feels Howard is leaving and we should look back at the keeper's Everton career in a good light, rather than make Howard have a bad end to his 10-year career at the club.

Joel Robles, the current number two, has shown he has what it takes to take the top spot in between the sticks this season. He has performed superbly in the Capital One Cup and in the few league games he's played this season. Hopefully Joel can keep this good performance, and continue to start games.

3. The Board

Bill Kenwright, Jon Woods, Robert Elstone and Robert Earl are Everton's Board of Directors. Every Everton fan has a different opinion on this lot. Some want them gone, some want them to stay. They have not invested much, if anything, into the club, as they don't have the money. Bill Kenwright, the chairman of the club, admitted this when he bought the club on Christmas Eve in 1999. He promised that he didn’t have endless cash to plough into the club but he did have a plan. The ammount of talk of investment into the club from other people is endless, but nothing seems to happen. Obviously, I'd love to see more investment into the club, but Kenwright is a true Everton fan, and he said he'd only get investment if he thought it'd help the club, so for over a decade, he hasn't put investment into Everton. Let's not deny it, Kenwright is a likeable man. He seems to genuinely care about Everton and wants it to succeed, but he is also a bit of a liar and seems to break tons of promises. Bill claimed Wayne Rooney "will not be sold - not even for £50m” and then was sold for £28m not long after, but that's just a small example of the many lies from Kenwright and the board.

There has also been talks of a move away from Goodison Park to a bigger, more modern stadium for years now, but nothing has happened yet. The artists interpretations of the stadiums we could've had look incredibly exciting, but sadly, the new stadiums weren't built, and we are still at good 'ol Goodison.

An artist's impression of the King's Dock site on the banks of the River Mersey.

An artists illustration of the proposed 50,000 capacity stadium at Kirkby.

Anyway, despite all this moaning about the board, some interesting news popped up a few months ago. Two American businessmen are looking into buying the club with a deal worth £200m.

John J Moores and Charles Noell are the two men interested in the club. Moores is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, and the former owner of the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball (MLB) who is 71 years old.I could not find too much information about Noell but has been called a "little-known big businessman".

Kenwright granted them and their partners a period of exclusivity to examine finances at Goodison Park in December 2015, and now Moores and Noell hope the takeover could be completed as soon as the next two weeks.

To add to this, Roberto Martinez recently said "I’ve always said what the chairman is for Everton and I wouldn’t want Bill Kenwright to lose his association with Everton, ever. I think it would be a loss if we do that. Whatever the investment or whatever the situation is in the future, in 10 or 15 years I would love to see Everton benefit from our chairman for the rest of his life." There is also reports of the boss saying he feels new owners would fulfil his top 4 dream, but still insists that Bill Kenwright should still be involved with the club.

We'll see where this goes, but I'd like it done quickly and hopefully this can be a change for the better.

At the moment, that's all I can imagine could imrove the team. Be sure to tweet us (@1878Blog) with your improvements that could be made to the club.

Cheers for reading!

-Rhys Jones